Beechwood Memorials Created a replica of the Doan Outlaw Grave MArker

Original Doan Outlaw Grave Marker Donated To Doylestown Museum

DOYLESTOWN, PA — A grave marker for one of Bucks County’s most infamous outlaws, Abraham Doan, has been donated to the Bucks County Historical Society (BCHS) and is now on display in the new major exhibition, “The Doan Gang: Outlaws of the Revolution,” at the Mercer Museum through December 2026.

The marble stone, placed outside of the walls of Plumstead Friends Meeting cemetery in 1966, was replaced with a reproduction stone commissioned by BCHS as part of the agreement. The original grave marker is alleged to mark the burial site of Abraham Doan (c. 1760-1788).

Abraham Doan was a member of the infamous “Doan Gang,” a network of Loyalists in Bucks County who supported Great Britain during the Revolutionary War. The Gang robbed tax collectors, militia members, and other citizens who supported the American revolutionary cause. Abraham and his cousin Levy Doan were hanged in Philadelphia in 1788 and remain the only individuals ever executed for “outlawry” in the United States of America.The Doan cousins were buried in Bucks County after their executions, however the exact location remained a mystery.

BCHS commissioned an exact, unbroken reproduction of Abraham’s stone from Beechwood Memorials in Plumsteadville, and placed it in its original location next to Levy’s stone outside of the cemetery walls. The original 1966 stone will remain in the Mercer Museum collection after the end of the exhibition in 2026.

Article by Jeff Werner, photography by Kevin Crawford Imagery

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